Production World is home to some amazing talent. Our drawing studio makes 2D or 3D drawings of event locations. We also make complete sketches of events with all the technical details incorporated into the visuals. We even do this for other production houses (competitors). Suppliers also come to us for the visualisation of their products.

Advantages of the drawing studio
We work with market-leading drawing software such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks and Cinema 4D. The visuals we make with these:

·      provide a good, clear overview.
·      are well-suited for discussions with the relevant parties.
·      provide support when presenting the location, project or product.

Assessing the production
What is the size of the location? Where are the power sources? Where are the emergency exits? This sort of information can all be mapped out by our drawing studio in one comprehensive base drawing. Then we can incorporate the site production and technical production in the drawing. In this way we can get an overview of the whole event.

The value of visuals
The realistic visualisation of events is an important aid in the process. Any technical limitations and possibilities are made clear in an instant. In practice, this has frequently meant that we have been able to identify potential problems early on, or that we were able to realise that the possibilities were greater than we first thought. We therefore feel that a location drawing is an invaluable part of the process.

Would you like to have a location, event or product drawn up? Contact us