Shaping ideas into successful events

Welcome at Production World

Welcome to Production World! We’re a technical production team with a lot of in-house creative talent. A driven partner who'll bring your ideas to the next level, so that your event is the best it can be. We’re an experienced group of people you can trust to carry out the implementation of your event. 

Latest projects

  • Project NATO Summit Brussels
    NATO Summit Brussels
  • Project Open Day Feyenoord
    Open Day Feyenoord

What does Production World do exactly?

First our drawing studio maps out the location of the event in great detail and designs the site production and technical production. Logistics, infrastructure and visual impact are all key considerations at this stage. The next step is to draw up a schedule and follow it closely from here onwards. We of course take over the responsibility of organising the rental of all the required equipment and manpower. During the event, the scheduled programme will proceed with second-by-second precision. Put simply, Production World makes your event a success.

A tight hold on the reins

We are passionate and hard workers. And yet the atmosphere remains calm and collected throughout all stages of production. You will notice that we keep a tight hold on the reins. We leave as little as possible to chance. That's why many organisations always choose Production World. View our portfolio.